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About Us

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Meet Christine


Hi, I'm Christine! I’m a huge Disney fan, and my days are filled with positivity, happiness, and a sprinkle of Disney magic. Some might say I'm ridiculously optimistic with a dash of crazy, but I believe in spreading joy wherever I go. I have a deep love for stationery, and you’ll often find me organising my planner with fun stickers. Music is my jam – literally! Whether it's singing, dancing, or a bit of karaoke, I’m all in for anything that makes the soul happy.

Meet Ky



Ky is our hyper-focused, passionate go-getter with a heart of gold. She’s loyal, trustworthy, and absolutely amazing at everything she does. Ky is a true-crime aficionado, a Batman enthusiast, and can quote The Simpsons like nobody's business. She’s our numbers wizard – give her research, spreadsheets, and data, and she’s in her element, smiling away.

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