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Obligatory Introduction...Welcome to my blog

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I have always wanted to start a blog, but I am not exceptional. I haven't invented anything and don't think I am all that interesting to other people. But I hear that having a blog is good for business, and as a business owner, it is time to start stretching my level of comfort to the things of the unknown.

So, who am I? I guess that is the big question, and really there are so many different answers that I could provide.

I mean, there are the stats, right -

  • Female

  • 34 years old

  • I've been married once, divorced once and now in a long-term relationship

  • No kids - yet

  • 3 cats (currently, they are my kids)

  • I'm a proud Kiwi that has lived in Australia since 2008

  • I have 1 sister, 1 step-sister and 1 step-brother

  • I'm an epic aunt to 3 nephews and a niece (including the steps)

  • A cousin to many - sooooo many - thank you to my 11 aunts and uncles across both sides of my family

  • Never broken a bone

  • I didn't finish my final year of high school

  • Graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management in 2008

But that doesn't really tell you about a person, does it - being from a big family doesn't mean I'm super close to everyone (in fact, there are so many, I don't even know who they all are anymore), nor does it mean I'm estranged just because I am in Australia and they are all back in NZ. Stats don't really tell you much.

What about those super fun personality tests - the colours, the DISC profile etc - I was originally introduced to these through The Magic of Colours by Jerry Clark back in 2010. There are so many different ones out there that use different descriptive names

But what I learnt was based on the four basic personality styles - presented in a way that even a 21-year-old me could understand - I could pronounce colours - and remember them :)

Yellow was the same as phlegmatic; Blue was sanguine; Green was melancholy, and red was the same as choleric.

  • Choleric people are extroverted as well, but in a more leadership-oriented sense. They are logical and use facts.

  • The sanguine temperament is the most versatile of all four temperaments and is centred toward people with a social and active personality type. They generally think positively and are extroverted personality types who want social connections. They experience a wide range of emotions and enjoy the excitement. They are talkative, fun to be around, impulsive, and often are good leaders.

  • Melancholic people are logical and organized. They focus on finding the right solution and are slow, if needed, and cautious. They focus on the details and thoughts. They do not enjoy taking risks and prefer to be reassured that things are going well. But they are also creative and highly capable people.

  • Phlegmatic individuals tend to be introverted, value peace and harmony, and are generally comfortable in passive roles. They are also good in supportive roles and do not enjoy or seek leadership.

But guess what?! I am equally spread across all boards (though I mastered by 2 points in Blue - always down for a party and some fun), so does that tell you who I am? No? Yeah, me either - but hey, I guess if one quiz could tell us all who we were the world may be more peaceful.

I am a Gemini - yes, that makes me extra awesome :) and I found probably one of these best descriptions of my star sign the other day that I think describes me quite well;

Quick-witted, fun and very very funny. With her, there is never a dull moment. She is an expert conversationalist and the type of person who will always say yes to new adventures. She's playful, carefree and curious and always quick to think on her feet. Her two sides blend humour and fun with intellect and a deep desire to learn and understand things better. she loves to express herself and is often surrounded by people drawn in by her energetic personality. Her enthusiasm and kindness are contagious, and she's incredibly adaptable. Her natural ability to read moods and weave conversations out of thin are with strangers and friends alike is one of a kind. She is a master of conversation, and she is adored by many.

But what about the things you can't google? Like did you know:

  • I am a supporter of people living with disability and the LGBTQI+ community

  • I played the piano for 6+ years as a kid - I can still remember some of Für Elise

  • Growing up, my family hosted Japanese students in our home

  • I swam 3 times a week for a couple of hours each time in our swimming pool in-house club but never had any interest in joining an actual club.

  • I volunteered with RDA (Riding for the Disabled) as a teenager as my mum's colleague thought I could talk to anyone, and they wanted people to talk to these kids.

  • My dad is an Elvis Presley and Roy Orbinson Tribute Artist

  • I hosted Karaoke every Saturday night on Hamilton Island for almost 2 years

  • My Uncle was a professional Clown - nationally famous in NZ

  • My mum makes the best Roast Chicken EVER!

So who am I really?

That is still very much a question I am working on solving - but what I can tell you is this:

I am who I am.

Having never been that popular kid in school - or even in uni - it wasn't until I started working in my adult life that I learned about being true to myself and not needing to change who I was for others.

It was hard and lonely, but I soon realised that authentic relationships came from being true to me first. My loud, positive, and somewhat weird personality attracted some of my dearest friends, and years can pass, and we could still catch up like it was only weeks. That is the truth!!

My positive attitude at first probably was a facade to hide the hurt of loneliness, but it became who I was down into my essence. I could totally put my life story in the view of a hard life that would make you feel sorry for me, but the reality is, that isn't me! Yeah, I've been through shit - who the hell hasn't! But it's what you make of it.

I don't live by regret; regrets to me mean you haven't learnt something. I live by mistakes (and can I say I have made soooo many), but you learn from mistakes - you don't learn from regrets - you hold onto them. So I turned my regrets into mistakes and moved forward with life.

Honestly, I think if the FBI tried to figure me out based on everything in my life - they wouldn't know who to look for - my Netflix goes from animated Disney to drama, to rom-coms, through to True Crime, and my Spotify isn't that much different - broadway musical singalongs, true crime podcasts, the latest top 50, songs of the '60s, 70's and 80's. I love the plain clean minimal design look, but I love the clutter and infusion of colour. My youtube history has hacks from Kmart and IKEA, to gaming videos on The Sims and Planet Zoo, through to families travelling the country in a caravan.

So that was a lot of words...

Did you learn who I was?

Is my personality big - hell yeah, it is! And some people can't handle that - but you know what?! That is totally okay because I don't want people in my orbit that want me to dim my light because they can't get theirs to shine brighter! I won't apologise for that ever!

Do I think I am fabulous - 100% yes, I do! In fact, I have no problem telling people that I am amazing at what I do - why shouldn't I pump myself when I know I am epic - as humans, we are more likely to complain about the bad than celebrate the good - so I am just celebrating me - ALWAYS!!

I know that I will not be everyone's cup of tea. I am okay with that - because I drink both tea and coffee (black, no sugar - I am sweet enough) - but I would love for you to stick around, sign up to receive a notification the next time I drop a blog (I can't promise they will be regular like clockwork).

Until next time....


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